Digital Marketing For Crypto In 2020

Staying on top of the pace of disruptive transition is one of the number one items that in-house advertisers and company owners are worried with.
Yet the start of 2020 gives us a moment to raise our heads above the fast-paced world of ‘seeing stuff finished,’ helping us to look forward and prepare for a fruitful year forward.
To assist with this phase, I highlighted some of the developments that will form the Australian digital marketing environment in 2020.

How does Blockchain impact marketing?

In 2020, blockchain is a panacea for all advertisement issues.
Ideas that were mere speculation are being substituted with valid and tried-and-tested methods that discuss accountability, performance and the battle against fraud.
Identity-solving apps are becoming more and more true.

What’s Blockchain Marketing?
Theoretically, nearly any field, including marketing and advertisements, is supposed to be influenced by some of the key blockchain principles, including transparency, security and accessibility. And what is blockchain advertising exactly? “Blockchain marketing envisages a fundamentally changed environment of ads and marketing in which users are able to openly own and sell their data to marketers and advertisers,” said Brian Platz, Winston Salem, Fluree, N.C. co-founder and co-CEO. This involves entirely circumventing platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, allowing consumer data more reliable and available.

As never before, Blockchain facilitates open data exchange between consumers and businesses. “Built from the ground up to emphasize the relationship between brands and consumers,” Platz said, “Blockchain marketing outperforms the middleman.” This is important since websites such as Facebook commonly capture information through measuring consumer behavior, but low content is the resulting intelligence. In this method of control, there is still negative client confidence.

Is the world primed for marketing Blockchain?
Just time will say it. Although major brands engage seriously in blockchain and startups are successful, they are not a marketing company. As Forrester points out, the phrase “distributed lead generation is increasingly being implemented, which gradually paves the path to transparency.”

If the marketing room blockchain creates momentum, early-stage brands would undoubtedly profit. We invite you to look at the environment , identify potential applications and start piloting a small concept which will extend into the new year.

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