Better Packaging Supplies for Melbourne in 2022

You can trust the packaging professionals to contribute their skills and knowledge to your project.

This article may appear to be very heavily weighted towards 1 provider, namely RollsPack packaging solutions – it is not a sponsored post – they just saved our bacon, or the bacon of one of our clients.

One question we get all the time is “where can I find an affordable way to package my products?” RollsPack packaging solutions offers a wide variety of affordable, high quality packaging that is perfect for any business.

This client asked us to do a bit of a shout out since they have saved our bacon, so see this as 6 degrees of the packaging solution baconator.

It seems that RollsPack offers a quick response and is the leader in getting it done on time and on budget offering industry leading competitive prices and a wide range of packaging supplies

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RollsPack is a packaging supplier that has been in the industry for over 10 years now. They provide their customers with a wide range of products packaging solutions and packaging services. They offer industry leading competitive prices and are the leader in getting it done on time and on budget, offering customers the peace of mind that their project will be completed on budget.

Rollspack Packaging

RollsPack providing amazing Australian packaging supplies accepts online orders for the entirety of their custom packaging product line. You can choose to have your order shipped or pick it up at their Braeside warehouse in Melbourne but we recommend reaching out to a sales representative and discussing the product you wish to sell.

For updates, industry news, and packaging tips, visit the RollsPack Packaging blog. Alternatively, you can browse their extensive selection online and place an order in a few easy clicks.

RollsPack brings Australian Packaging into the limelight.

Australian Packaging and Cardboard Supplies – it pays to learn about any providers range of box packaging solutions. Where do they source packaging supplies from and how do they maintain affordable prices and quality service guartantees?

Rollspack’s primary goal is to provide the highest quality packaging at the lowest possible price while maintaining that line of quality where quality comes before price. They accomplish this solely through packaging. They have over 30 years of experience in the commercial packaging industry and possess the necessary knowledge and expertise to provide the highest-quality products. Their dedication to maintaining their high standards enables them to provide the best service possible.

RollsPack carries a wide variety of gift bags in a range of sizes and colours. They are available for purchase online or in-store. There are numerous styles of gift bags available, including paper wine bags, paper gift bags, and presentation gift bags. They make use of high-tech packaging machinery that is capable of printing on metallic rolls of film; we strongly encourage you to visit them.

Ordering boxes online is simple. Their wholesale prices are readily available online. Simply locate the item you’re looking for, add it to your cart, and continue to checkout. If you are unsure of the size or type of packaging you require, please contact them. They will gladly assist you in selecting the packaging that is most appropriate for your project.

RollsPack wins FPLMA award

Their extensive range of packaging options should cover the majority of your requirements, including custom boxes, paper products, product boxes, gift bags, and wine bags.

Melbourne Commercial Packaging – Just In Time Packaging

Packaging is the last step in any order fulfillment process and it’s important to have options that cover the gamut of your business needs. For example, if you are doing a lot of wholesale orders, a setup with custom boxes, paper products, product boxes, gift bags, and wine bags can make managing inventory much less of a headache.

Setting up a wholesale distribution center can be a complicated process. The first step is figuring out what equipment, supplies, and materials you will need.

At RollsPack Packaging, they specialise in the use of high-speed, high-turnover packaging materials and tools for medium- to large-sized businesses. They’ve worked with several of their clients for more than a decade, earning a reputation for dependability and reliability.

RollsPack is a distributor of cartons, bubble wrap, tape, stretch film, strapping bags, and foam. We cater to medium- to large-sized businesses. Dealing with RollsPack has proven to be straightforward and painless. Naturally, they design and manufacture customised packaging to meet your unique requirements.

Make contact with them to learn about their current promotions.

In Melbourne, their packaging solutions are reasonably priced. Providing a huge range of products of superior quality that outlast the competition satisfying a range of industries. They provide accurate and detailed information about their products and also keep you informed about Melbourne’s latest packaging news whilst balancing a reasonable item cost with the highest quality available at that price point.

The advantages of RollsPack’s Melbourne packaging solutions

Their packaging solutions are incredibly cost effective. Utilize highly efficient packaging solutions to reduce shipping costs. Take the necessary precautions to protect and extend the life of your goods. Speak with one of their packaging specialists for professional advice on packaging supplies and services (we highly recommend this, as the issues they have encountered may be issues you are yet unaware of, this step is often missed out by businesses and RollsPack has saved clients substantial headache and cost by addressing these prior to dropping a solution into production). Additionally, you can contact them via their website. They are capable of preparing and sending an accurate price quote, and frequently do.

Australia’s Most Reliable Supplier of High-Quality Packaging Supplies

RollsPack Packaging sources the most innovative packaging supplies from around the world to provide cost-effective and efficient packaging supplies and solutions to Australian manufacturers. They supply packaging supplies to businesses across Australia, including wrapping machines, packaging tapes, protective packaging, strapping, and accessories for food packaging, ecommerce packaging, tamper evident packaging and resource protection products, and of course retail packaging.

This business sells a huge range and substantial variety of products, including stretch film, plastic bags, marking ink, identification labels, mailing envelopes, health and safety equipment, and kitchen and restroom supplies.


Our best-selling flat bottom bags are simple to stand, fill, and seal and come in a variety of colours, styles, and window options for baked goods, snack foods, coffee, and muesli, among other products. You can attract customer attention while conserving packing and shelf space with our flat bottom bag.


RollsPack excels in this industry-standard packaging format as a leader in Australian packaging supplies – choose from a variety of Stand Up Pouches to suit your needs, which are ideal for confections, cereals, coffees, powders, and everything in between! Additionally, we can custom print these pouches starting at 1,000 units – without the set-up fees associated with traditional print packaging.

Visit RollsPack and enquire about their short run digital printing section for more information and to request a quote.

At RollsPack, they offer custom printed packaging of all types. Their most popular product is the ‘digital pouch’. These pouches can be custom printed without any set-up fees and come in a variety of sizes.

EcoFriendly Packaging

Being a leader in Australian eco-friendly Packaging Supplies we offer Eco-Friendly Packaging and Sustainable Packaging Solution Australia Wide. 

Moreover, we are the leading supplier of ecofriendly packaging having compostable mailer as one of our main products. 

What is the most eco-friendly packaging available from RollsPack, Well, RollsPack has hit this problem from 2 directions, firstly, they have partnered with RedCycle a company that recycles product packaging into things like playground matting, or road surface, and secondly they offer biodegradable packing solutions. 

Both should be taken into consideration when making a purchase.